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Therapeutic Classes | General | Back Care | Stress Relief

These classes are run by a Yoga Therapist and are designed to work with the individual issues of each student. The classes have a maximum of 10 people. These classes are complementary to one on one private Yoga Therapy Sessions.
We have general classes or specific classes such as Back Care and Stress Relief.

This is a versatile practice with a combination of simple through to more challenging postures at varying speeds in flow depending on the class intention and level of practitioners present. It is suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners. At some parts of the practice there can be special focus on certain postures and techniques and how to access them or deepen them.

This class is designed for beginners or anyone returning to a yoga practice after some time. The class incorporates meditation.

Hatha yoga describes the physical practice of yoga poses, using postures in alignment with the breath.
Pending on the needs and experience levels of students in the class, this is a medium-paced, moderate class involving familiar yoga postures (asanas) to develop strength and flexibility in your body and quietness and relaxation in your mind.
This morning class will have an energising component to set you up for the day paired with relaxation and breath work. Suitable for beginners and all levels.

Recharge and unwind from the busy week with restorative yoga class. Each pose is held for about 5 minutes and we work on different parts of the body each week. This ranges from opening up the hips, stretching out that tense lower back, rejuvenating the neck, shoulders and legs, etc. this is a gentle class suitable for all age groups and levels of experience.

In Yin yoga we learn to relax, be patient, be quiet and focus on the skeleton and its joints, compressing of the bones and pulling on the skin tissue to stimulate the meridian lines that lay beneath the surface. In doing so our main organs are revitalised by removing stagnant energy/blockages, particularly within and around the joints by the chi/prana that we pool in the stillness to release and move freely within the body. Yin is about yielding stillness, holding poses for 2-5mins. Poses are mainly on the floor and taken to an appropriate depth (70-80%) using props to support you when required so as to not build tension in the body.

Yoga for Core
This class focuses on strengthening and stabilising your core muscles which include not only your abdominals, but also the pelvic floor, erector spinae, and diaphragm. This class incorporates both stationary asanas and vinyasa flow movements to activate and challenge your core muscles. Regular practice of this class will help improve core balance and advance your overall yoga practice by increasing your strength, mobility, and breath and body awareness. This class is not suitable if you are pregnant.

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